6 Fun Ways To Wear Lenny Rose Active Maternity Leggings

6 Fun Ways To Wear Lenny Rose Active Maternity Leggings

Buying maternity leggings can seem like a big investment. You might be thinking, “How can I possibly spend this money on something I’ll only wear for nine months?”.

That’s why our Lenny Rose Active maternity activewear has been designed for mums to wear during pregnancy, throughout motherhood and beyond. Comfort, supportive & stylish, with just the right level of support and stretch. With our maternity leggings, you will get ultimate versatility to wear them across active to streetwear.

Sure, choosing and investing in the right pair of maternity leggings is a big decision – but anyone who thinks that maternity leggings are limited to just being worn around the house in your last trimester is sorely mistaken!

Here are 6 fun ways to wear maternity leggings that might surprise you. Keep reading for some pregnancy style tips.

1. Pregnancy Outfits For Work With Maternity Leggings


You might not have thought of leggings as something you could wear to work before. Think again! Dress up a pair of our Classic Black Leggings with a blazer and your favourite flats (or heels when you are not pregnant!), and you’ll be looking sleek, chic and ready for the office while still feeling comfortable.

This is a way of wearing leggings that many mums might never think of, and it goes to show just how versatile a pair of high quality leggings truly are.

The right pair of leggings can be dressed up and down in so many different ways, both during your pregnancy and long after you’ve welcomed your bub into the world.

2. The Casual Look For Your Self Care Day


From the office to the cafe, your leggings can come with you when you’re after some “me time” as well! Throw on a t-shirt and some sneakers, and you’re ready to head straight to pilates or to catch up with friends.

Our Lenny Rose ‘Woman’ tees is a reminder to all mothers to honour that we are first a woman and a goddess; infinitely powerful across all of our roles in life including motherhood. Of course, keeping it classy with simple lettering in a tasteful rose gold. These soft, comfy shirts aren’t just for looks though – wearing fabrics that are light and breathable make a huge difference in summer, when many mums-to-be find the heat and the sweat frustrating.

Loose, comfortable clothing helps you avoid skin irritation, and restricting your blood flow. It can even help prevent heartburn, which can be caused by wearing tight clothing around your chest and throat.

Paired with a set of quality compression leggings, this styling ticks all the boxes for staying comfy, healthy, and stylish.

3. Outfits For Summer & Return To Light Exercise Post-Pregnancy

Maternity leggings aren’t just for when you’re pregnant; they can offer crucial support, comfort, and flexibility for when you start getting out and about post-baby.

When you’re ready to ease back into light exercise after your bub has arrived, your leggings can come with you. Just roll the top down and instantly transform them back into regular leggings!

Pair them with our black or grey tank top for a supportive outfit when you’re returning to light exercise after birth – or just enjoy the comfort and rock the combination as a sporty summertime look.

Temperature management can be a big problem for expecting mums, and lots of women struggle with feeling too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer over the course of nine months of pregnancy.

This is where investing in a quality pair of maternity leggings really makes a difference. Lenny Rose leggings are carefully constructed with high-quality fabrics and fibres that let your skin breathe in the summer and also keep you cool when temperatures drop.

4. Wear Maternity Leggings High-Waisted As A Winter Warmer

Don’t hide your maternity leggings away during winter. A pair of leggings make for perfect winter wear for when you need to rug up.

The In The Zone Compression Leggings is designed for versatility. It can be worn low or high waisted so that mums can still get the firm support for your baby bump during pregnancy as well as during postpartum recovery.

Perfect amount of compression to give you just the right amount of support and comfort without squashing your bump or sagging down as you walk. We recommend wearing these leggings high-waisted during winter to keep you and your bump snug when worn under some winter knits and floaty layers! Follow FrankiLovesZara on Instagram to get more motherhood & lifestyle tips.

5. Get The Sporty & Active Look


When you’re ready to ease back into your workout routine and hit the gym, the running track or the yoga studio, you can take your leggings back with you just like @frankiloveszara. This is where your leggings can really show you what they’re made of – and where you can show the world that “mum” and “fit” can go hand in hand.

The ‘In The Zone’ compression leggings support your post-baby body, promote blood flow, and let your skin breathe when you’re working up a sweat. Like all Lenny Rose creations, the ‘In The Zone’ compression leggings are designed by a physiotherapist with the needs of new mums’ changing bodies in mind.

Lenny Rose leggings throw away the lines between maternity wear and sportswear, crafting maternity activewear that lasts you through to motherhood.

6. Complete Your Yoga Set

As a yoga teacher, I know how important it is to have the right pair of leggings when you do your yoga stretches.

Our maternity leggings are suitable for those days when you need to take a moment for yourself, breathe, and re-centre. The extra comfortable and light compression of the Classic Black tights leggings make them for perfect yoga wear, especially when your body is in need of a little extra support both before and after birth.

One of the favourite and popular combos our Lenny Rose Active mums love is to pair the any maternity tights with our Ultimate Maternity Sports Bra designed to help reduce breast soreness while giving you crucial postural support and our light and comfy Loosley Mama Nursing Tank which makes for easy and discreet breastfeeding easy and discreet.

Black Nursing Sports Bra & Black Tights

We have carefully chosen the fabrics of all the Lenny Rose Active pieces to ensure it allows your skin to breathe so you can come to your mat and work on your tree pose in total comfort.

In short, maternity leggings are such a versatile piece of clothing. They’re unique in the way that they provide not only comfort, but also ergonomic support and style for expecting mums and postpartum mums.

Selecting a quality pair of leggings is an investment not just for your pregnancy, but for your journey all the way into motherhood and beyond.

A pair of truly great leggings will give you the support and comfort you need as your body changes, while keeping you looking stylish and feeling ready to adjust back to motherhood!

Lenny Rose doesn’t believe that “strength”, “comfort” and “style” are mutually exclusive for mums. Designed for women, by women – with a physiotherapist’s expertise and a mum’s insight!

Shop our pregnancy activewear online and make an investment in yourself and your bump. Follow us on Instagram for more maternity fashion ideas and tips.

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