The Science Behind Lenny Rose Active Sportswear

The Science Behind Lenny Rose Active Sportswear

As many postpartum mums know, finding decent maternity activewear is much simpler in theory than it is in reality, often requiring to sacrifice one need for another.

Luckily, we at LRA understand such issues with maternity activewear. We’ve harnessed the power of modern technology and science to create designer maternity clothes that will support and complement your changing body pre and postpartum.

Featured in Women’s Health UK, The Herald Sun, Mama Disrupt, Bub App and endorsed by the Australian Breastfeeding Association, you can trust we’ve ticked all the boxes.

Common Problems With Fashionable Maternity Clothes Today

Many maternity clothing brands seem to focus on one element. Their undergarments may look flattering but don’t stretch enough. Their materials are environmentally friendly, but just aren’t on trend….


Sadly, the list goes on with low quality fabrics and materials that wear too quickly and can’t adapt to postpartum bodies, forcing you to buy more. Or the lack of support and ease with nursing that makes getting ready to feed your bub a time-consuming process.

Then there’s unflattering leggings that show your underwear lines, slip down your bum and aren’t even squat proof. And don’t get us started on the stereotypical patterns and oversized garments that don’t let your true self shine!

Ladies, none of that is okay! Which is why our fashionable maternity clothes celebrate the women behind the mother and support your changing body during all stages of pregnancy right through to motherhood.

Our designs celebrate and inspire body confidence, positivity and love for all women!

5 Reasons How Technology Plays a Vital Role in Our Designer Maternity Clothes

Technology isn’t restricted to smartphones and gadgets. It also plays a vital role in clothing to keep pregnant women safe and comfortable during pregnancy, postpartum and breastfeeding.

To make the journey the best experience possible, we’ve combined style, support, comfort and high quality material in every Lenny Rose product to give you wardrobe staples for hot summer days and cold winter nights!

So how does this actually benefit you?

Move Freely With High Quality Fabrics And Materials

We work closely with garment technicians to get the right fabric blends for each garment’s particular purpose. Whether for support, warmth or elasticity all garments are made to accentuate the beautiful pregnant and postpartum body.

These high quality fabrics and materials have also been specifically chosen to maintain their shape even after numerous washes and a growing bump, ensuring our maternity yoga pants doesn’t leave you feeling restricted and uncomfortable.

Rosie Doing Yoga In Lenny Rose Maternity Leggings

Stay Comfortable With Temperature Regulating Fabrics

All our performance fabrics boast breathable designs that promote your body’s natural temperature regulation control. This allows you to train your best, sweat, stay cool during the hot summer days and warm in chilly winters.

Reduce Aches And Swelling With Light Compression

Feel supported without being squeezed tight into your clothes. The right level of compression is vital to attain proper support and blood flow for mums – without the uncomfortable pressure on your bump, core and spine.

As pregnancy places extra pressure on your joints, ligaments and blood vessels due to your body’s growth and changes, our In The Zone leggings have been designed to accommodate these adjustments. Assisting your body’s natural “calf muscle pump” our maternity yoga leggings assist with blood flow to safely reduce ankle swelling, sore legs and feet, and reduce the long-term effects of varicose veins.

Maternity Clothes You Can Wear Before, During & After Pregnancy

Feel Strong And Light With Built-in Postural Support

As your bump grows, so too does the strain on your body. Health professionals actually recommend wearing additional lumbar and bump support for those experiencing pubic, lower back and pelvic girdle pain.

With this in mind, we created built-in postural support that bridges the gap between ugly medical support garments and athleisure that’s fashionable, functional and comfortable.

You’ll love our stylish maternity clothes with pelvic, lumbar and bump support to help keep you feeling strong when on the go.

Get Exercise And Nursing Support

Research has found that good moods are linked with good posture, with many findings suggesting women should wear 2 bras for high impact exercise to maintain adequate breast support across their active pursuits, which is even more important when nursing.

So our Gazelle & Ultimate Support Nursing Bras utilise a “bra-within-a-bra” design for maximum support, style and comfort. Whilst harnessing the benefits of medical wear bras, our maternity sports bras help foster comfort, good moods and positive postpartum mental health whilst still looking stylish under your casual and work clothes.

Easy & Discreet Nursing Top & Bra

Let the built-in adjustable postural support straps help take the strain off your spine and shoulders whilst exercising and breastfeeding. Meanwhile, our adjustable cups, adjustable straps and removable breast pads accommodate the changes in breast volume from pre-to-post feed so your maternity sports bra fits right at all times.

Our fashionable maternity clothes prove that you don’t have to give up quality or comfort for style. As professional women in healthcare who have gone through pregnancy ourselves, we know women across the motherhood journey deserve only the best modern and maternity clothes. Shop online now.

If you’re a health professional interested in partnering with us and distributing our Lenny Rose Active maternity activewear apparel, contact us on live chat or learn more about our Health Professionals Program.

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