9 Top Summer Pregnancy Styling Tips For New Mums

9 Top Summer Pregnancy Styling Tips For New Mums

Like your growing bump, maternity shopping can sometimes seem like an effort – especially when you want to stay comfortable and stylish in hot weather. Which is why we, mummas have put together our favourite summer pregnancy styling tips so you can keep looking and feeling good throughout the warmer seasons!

Tip 1: How To Hide Your Baby Bump If You’re Not Ready To Show It

There are many reasons women choose not to show off their bumps, and that’s okay! Luckily, many first-time mums can continue to wear their normal clothes for the first trimester.
But don’t fret when your waistband gets tighter. Hiding a bump is easy with oversized lightweight summer maternity clothes like wrap skirts, tank tops and boho dresses. You can even utilise patterns to distract the eye.

Tip 2: Layer, Layer, Layer

Layers are a handy way to counteract any hot flashes from hormonal changes. They also help you avoid the need to change your whole outfit whether going from the gym to a café, or on those blissful warm days that turn into cool nights.
Simply chuck a light cotton jumper or kimono over your singlet and leggings to change your look. Plus, layers are some ideal items for your hospital bag checklist.

Tip 3: Opt For Breathable & Mesh Fibres

You want your body to be able to sweat comfortably with your summer wardrobe. Mesh materials and breathable fibres like linen and cotton are paramount for this in order to help your body to regulate heat and stay cool.

Tip 4: Avoid Tight Clothes With No Stretch

For the safety of you and your bub, you should avoid materials like denim and leather that don’t stretch to your body and allow healthy blood flow. Tight waistbands and materials without give suppress blood flow to your belly and risk overheating, and can also become very uncomfortable.
It may not be everyone’s style, but try to find loose fitting tops, dresses and casual summer outfit bottoms with elastic waistbands to accommodate your bump safely.

Tip 5: Pick The Right Footwear

During pregnancy your feet can swell, especially in the third trimester. Choosing the right footwear can help alleviate swelling and any further discomfort from carrying baby weight.

Just like clothes, you want your shoes to be breathable to allow your feet to stay cool and prevent cankles. Whilst canvas shoes are an ideal choice for your casual days, opt for open toed sandals with adjustable straps and good arch support to look chic at an event.. without needing to kick your feet up for all the wrong reasons!

Tip 6: Choose Leggings That Are Suitable For Summer

This may seem like a counter-intuitive item to wear during summer, but it’s not! Leggings are an easy way to get numerous physical support benefits and look stylish throughout your whole pregnancy. Every mama needs their reliable “LBD” maternity tights.
Maternity leggings are specifically designed to support blood circulation, minimise cankles and support your lower back and bump, so it’s highly recommended for pregnant women to wear leggings with maternity support – instead of normal leggings.
Remember to look for a pair that are lightweight and have mesh materials to breathe and maintain its lifespan way after your baby is born!

Tip 7: Accessorise

Some women may still find trendy maternity clothes and summer pregnancy styles boring… Which is why accessories were made!
You won’t need to buy new accessories (unless you really want to) for your summer wardrobe. Simply choose your favourite statement piece that gives your outfit a bit more oomph. Don’t forget to rock that beautiful straw hat to stay sun smart too.

Tip 8: Choose Clothes That Grow With You

This tip really hones in on forward planning your wardrobe for your post pregnancy days. Maternity clothes like singlets with adjustable straps, low armholes or even zips can make breastfeeding a discreet and easy process without the need to hide in public.
Maternity bras have the same deal. As your breasts will grow during pregnancy, choosing a maternity bra that doubles as a sports bra can save you money and allows you to get decent use out of it before your bub is even born.

Tip 9: Choose Light-Coloured Clothes

Firstly, light coloured clothes are an easy way to stay cool in summer as they don’t absorb as much heat compared to their darker counterparts. Secondly, light coloured clothes are so versatile and are forever timeless. They just look good everywhere amongst the blue sunshine, spring flowers or sand!
Looking fashionable whilst pregnant really is possible with our summer pregnancy styling tips. Remember, comfort through breathable fabrics, quality materials and adjustable clothes are necessary to stay cool and ensure you don’t overheat.

Light coloured clothes, accessories and adjustable sandals make for easy to choose stylish outfits for any summer event. And layering can help hide your bump and let you go about your day without the need for hundreds of clothes!

To be comfortable after your bub’s birth too, download our hospital bag checklist make sure you have everything you need.


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