7 Clever Hacks To Maximise Maternity Clothes

7 Clever Hacks To Maximise Maternity Clothes

We often hear first and second time mums ask, “How can I save money on maternity clothes?” Since we’ve made maternity clothes our business and are mums ourselves, we decided to answer the call and share our knowledge and pregnancy clothing tips.

See, the idea of buying a brand new wardrobe for when your pregnant seems like madness and an extra hit to your bank account. But it doesn’t have to be.

If bought correctly, you’ll find that many maternity clothes can become a great investment and be worn well after your bub is born. Which is perfect timing given that mums are known for putting their family before themselves. By investing in a good quality maternity wardrobe when pregnant, you can fill up your love tank and give your family more without neglecting your own needs.

Read our 7 clever mum-hacks to create a capsule wardrobe for all stages of motherhood, saving you money and closet space.

Hack #1: Invest In Basics

Everyone should have a few basics as staples in their wardrobe to build the foundation of an outfit. Basics can help you feel comfortable in your body and style throughout your pregnancy and into your mum days. Think wrap dress, black maternity leggings or an oversized shirt that you’ll want to wear over and over, and works with numerous outfits.

Basics can also be key items for your hospital bag checklist.

Hack #2: Buy Second Hand & Pre-Loved Clothes

Perfect for those looking for maternity clothes on a budget, buying second hand and pre-loved maternity clothes are a great way to save money. Just make sure that the item can still adapt to your changing body, are made with breathable materials and still holds its original shape.

Connect with us on live chat and ask us how you could get access to our second-hand Lenny Rose Active items.

Hack #3: Buy Monochrome Coloured Clothes

There’s a good reason monochrome coloured clothes are considered timeless. Monochrome coloured clothes make for great basics as they match many different styles and can maximise the number of outfits in your wardrobe.

If you’re having an off day, you can simply choose your favourite statement accessory to wear with a monochrome outfit to showcase your style.

Hack #4: Buy Clothes That Can Be Worn Pre & Postnatal

Buying items that grow with your bump during pregnancy are a must! Not only do good quality maternity leggings support your bump and lower back, but they promote blood flow to your bub, minimise ankle swelling and even return back to shape and help heal your postnatal body so you can get a longer life out of them.

Maternity and nursing bras are another item you can combine and wear long term pre and postnatal. Look for bras that offer postural support when breastfeeding in order to combat any physiological strain and make for easy and discreet breastfeeding.

We highly recommend maximising maternity clothes by getting clothes you can wear throughout pregnancy and way beyond motherhood.

Hack #5: Buy Once, Buy Well

It may be tempting to buy the cheapest option available, but sacrificing quality for price is a big no no. Cheap maternity clothes well, cheap for a reason. We often find that cheap maternity clothes just won’t last as they don’t retain shape, often wear thin and definitely do not offer the right support in the right places for pregnant women.

Higher quality maternity clothes often cost more because they’re made with the best materials and are designed by professionals who actually know what pre and post-natal women need. You’ll only have to buy once as these clothes will adapt with your body, feel comfortable and retain their shape you’ll wear them for years.

Hack #6: Buy Interchangeable Clothes for Different Styles

Thankfully, fashion has merged a few styles these days with neat casual and athleisure wear becoming the norm. These mixes have allowed leggings to be paired with knitted jumpers and sandals, or wrap dresses with sneakers, and more!

Select items that suit alternative styles so you can head straight from the gym to the café whilst looking the part at every step.

Hack #7: Buy Nursing Bras With Adjustable Straps & Bands

Given that breasts continuously grow during pregnancy, many women find it hard to know when to buy new bras and gage how long they’ll actually fit! Well, there’s no need to buy a new bra for every trimester as research has shown when to buy a maternity bra that even allow for extra growth.

Good quality maternity bras have the ability to double as sports and nursing bras, helping you get bang for your buck as a two-in-one. Bras should also offer adjustable straps for comfort and adaptability, including easy and discreet breastfeeding.

As we’re mums at Lenny Rose Active, we understand the desire to find the decent maternity clothes you really need and will use long term. Which is why created our designs around these hacks as buying maternity clothes doesn’t have to be a costly affair.

When done right, good quality maternity clothes that offer the benefits of style, support and comfort to mums and bubs daily are worth every cent.

Check out our hospital bag checklist (with printables) to get a list of essentials and some nice to haves and ensure you and your bub are all prepared. We also share what maternity clothes you can wear during pregnancy and once again post-partum!

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