5 Benefits of Lenny Rose Maternity Nursing Bras

Maternity Nursing Bra - Black

5 Benefits of Lenny Rose Maternity Nursing Bras

Did you know busts expand by 1-3 cup sizes on average by the 5th month of pregnancy? This means there will come a time where you’ll need to invest in a maternity bra. Luckily, there are a heap of benefits in switching to maternity and nursing bras early in pregnancy, as backed by science.

Which is why we’ve designed the best maternity and nursing bras with intention to feature everything an expecting mum needs.

5 Must Have Features in the Best Maternity Nursing Bras

1. Adjustable straps

Besides expanding during pregnancy, your bust will change in volume from early to late nursing and pre-feed to post feed! This amount of constant volume flux is why adjustable straps are a necessity for maternity nursing bras.

Adjustable straps allow ultimate comfort and practicality by tightening and loosening them as needed. Letting you get through your day exercising, relaxing and breastfeeding all in one bra.

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2. Underwire-free support

Believe it or not, your ribcage can expand by 10cm during pregnancy. Plus it often takes at least several months after giving birth to begin returning to your pre-pregnancy shape. Since we’ve experienced this journey ourselves, we understand the physical changes that come with it. So we took care in designing underwire-free adjustable bands.

With bands that grow and shrink with your changing body, you can feel supported and avoid chafing every day. Our underwire free design also ensures that your breasts can reach maximum milk production for your bub when feeding. These designs really are the best maternity nursing bra to pack in your hospital bag checklist.

3. Nursing front flap

All of our maternity nursing bras offer a supportive front flap panel to allow ease of nursing access. It’s under layer boasts a 9x9cm diameter space where your bub can easily access your nipple for breastfeeding.

You can even change the firmness of the breast support by adjusting where you attach the front clasp. Choose the lower clasp for less tension and more room when you’re in the early stages of nursing. Or select the higher clasp for more support when high impact exercising.

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4. Two layered postural back support

The BRA institute has long recommended that women who wear D+ cup bras wear two bras for high impact activities. Meanwhile, Rosie’s physiotherapy background taught her the importance of posture in a pain-free state and the scientific impact posture can play on our moods. Therefore, she ensured that all Lenny Rose maternity nursing bras were designed to give additional postural support using our bra-within-a-bra feature.

Both our Ultimate Support and Gazelle bras offer adjustable postural support straps that discreetly mimic a posture support brace. These added support makes them both comfortable when breastfeeding or practicing yoga.

5. Front zip access

A perfect addition to your ultimate maternity clothes wardrobe, our Gazelle Bra offers additional breastfeeding access via a midline zip. This zip allows you to easily and discreetly feed your bub when wearing a shirt or top with midline access. Giving you the option of feeding from the usual side panel or midline in public environments, or both panels for full access when private.

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How to care for and maintain the quality of maternity nursing bras

We recommend hand washing your maternity nursing bras with like colours and line drying on a hanger to maintain their lifespan. The nursing pads can be removed, washed and reinserted easily, making them reusable across the life of your bras.

Maternity Nursing Bra

Through her experiences as both a mother and physiotherapist, yoga, and fitness instructor, our founder Rosie has carefully crafted the Lenny Rose Maternity Nursing Bra range to provide comfort, support, and practicality whilst never compromising style.

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