The Ultimate Pregnancy/Prenatal Workouts From Home

Lunges At Home

The Ultimate Pregnancy/Prenatal Workouts From Home

Wow, how things have changed over the recent weeks, days, and how they continue to change by the hour. Amidst the craze of this COVID-19 pandemic, it can be easy to feel scared, isolated and unsure about both now and the future.

Looking after our mental and physical health as expecting and new mothers has never been MORE important than it is now.

Staying active and strong in our bodies belies everything we do at Lenny Rose, as we know that strength and confidence in our body translates to strength and confidence in our mind, our attitude towards ourselves and our confidence to birth and mother our babies.

So, we are going to focus on what you CAN do during this time, to stay active at home in your pregnancy or new motherhood period. Whether its indoors, out in the backyard, or on the apartment stairs, there are SO many ways you can connect to your body and breath, and focus on your incredible strength as a woman to weather this storm, and flourish along with our little tribes.

What pregnancy exercises can you do at home?

Resident physio, pregnancy yoga teacher + wellness expert Rosie shares her top pregnancy home workout moves, and top tips for staying fit and strong as you self isolate.

You don’t need a gym or yoga membership or any fancy equipment to stay strong and healthy in your pregnancy at home.

“My top exercises for working out at home in pregnancy are Squats, lunges or split squats (provided no pelvic or pubic pain) surrenders, and pregnancy modified push ups,’ Says Lenny Rose founder and mum of 3, Rosie. (Check out this quick video here for a leg based workout you can do with no equipment).

Lunges At Home

Cardio exercises during pregnancy

“It’s also relatively easy to get your heart rate up in pregnancy, and so for a cardio based workout you could try squatting with a bit more pace, or minimal rest, walking lunges, skater lunges, power , a modified burpee (NO jumping, on knees for push-up and hands elevated onto a bench or chair for 2/3 rd trimester).

Power walking around the back yard, or repeated stair walks if you have them in your home or building, is also a great low impact way of getting your heart rate up.”

Squat Exercise At Home
If you have the luxury of living in an apartment building with a gym, or having a treadmill/ bike at home, then these are also easy ways to stay active at this time.

With current restrictions in Australia, you are still able to get out for a walk in the sunshine, as long as you are complying with social distancing rules, and continuing to practice impeccable hand and respiratory hygiene, there is no reason that you should stop going out for a short walk if you are still able to.

You can also get savvy and hire a treadmill or bike, usually with a longer rental over 3 months a bike is less than $10 a week, which is a good investment in your health.

Whilst the WHO recommendations for exercise in pregnancy are that a pregnant person completes the same number of minutes of exercise per week (but at a low-moderate intensity) as a non-pregnant age-matched female.

For a full Up-to date, research based approach to exercise in pregnancy, download our Free Exercise in pregnancy Ebook here.

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Yours in motherhood,
Rosie and the Lenny Rose Team