A First Time Mother’s Guide To Picking The Right Maternity Leggings

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A First Time Mother’s Guide To Picking The Right Maternity Leggings

As a first-time mother, you might be feeling overwhelmed with all the new information you need to learn about yourself, your changing body and your soon-to-come baby. During pregnancy, you will be experiencing a lot of hormonal changes in your body. Some of these changes will result in changes to appetite, exercise behaviours, and support and stability in your ligaments, especially around the pelvis. Relaxin (and other hormones) cause a softening of the ligaments of your pelvis (and to your ligaments body wide, to a lesser degree) and so getting the right support early as well as staying active can help stave off any unwanted discomfort.

With so many options on the market and conflicting information on the Internet, choosing the right leggings can be really confusing. Here’s a DL on the basics to help you choose the best fit for you and your bump

What Are Maternity Leggings?

Simply put, Maternity leggings are tights or leggings with a pregnancy-specific cut, to accommodate your growing bump, give it some support and love! Picking a well-designed pair will mean that you aren’t having to pull them up or adjust them regularly, they will have good coverage on your hips and butt, and provide both comfort and support for your journey. Leggings that are designed to be repurposed postpartum are also well worth investing in, as you want to purchase items that will be wardrobe staples, not short life wear! All of our leggings and tights at Lenny Rose are designed to be worn postpartum, with a high-but-comfortable waist that allows for discreet breastfeeding, or wear rolled down for a medium-high waist and extra firm support for your recovering belly. Check out our most popular styles here: “In the zone” “Magic Mama” “classic legging”

Why Buy Maternity Leggings Vs Normal Leggings?

SO many reasons! Where to start! Comfort is KING in pregnancy, and so once you move beyond early stages of pregnancy, investing in quality, lasting gear will be imperative for comfort (and style, of course!) along your pregnancy journey. You want coverage (which you won’t get with a standard legging) breathability, light support, and quality material that will last and be squat proof on your cute preggy butt.

How To Size Maternity Leggings Correctly

Most Maternity sizing takes into consideration a maternity cut, on your standard sizing, and so you should be looking at your usual sizing when purchasing. It is VERY common to gain a fair amount of weight, and so a lot of women for this reason will want to size-up by 1-2 sizes, but if you are following an average weight gain of 12-13kg (note we said average, not normal – everyone is very different and for some this won’t be enough to support a healthy pregnancy, so they will gain more, and for some, they may be instructed to keep their weight gain lower, for their own and babies health reasons) then you will likely fit in your usual, pre-pregnant size. See our size guides HERE

Maternity & Pregnancy Leggings

What To Look For In Maternity Tights?


Quality! Soft, peachy hand feel (as we said, comfort is KING) stretch factor (elastane, cotton) breathability, and obviously a pattern that suits your look! We opt for a timeless, elegant and monochrome palette at Lenny Rose, as we want your maternity activewear to last the whole pregnancy to motherhood journey.


A super high waist allows coverage, support, freedom of movement, minimal seams for max comfort,  low front seams to avoid discomfort around the hips and make room for your burgeoning belly, as well as steer well clear of scar area in the event you have a c-section, you still want to wear these babies all the way through your recovery in comfort

Sleep & Night Use

We recommend more loose fitting attire for overnight, to allow for blood flow, your skin to breathe more, and to avoid overheating, feeling hot and bothered is par for the course with pregnancy! For moderate-severe back pain though, a support garment may be recommended by your practitioner for overnight wear.


Suitable throughout the pregnancy trimesters (And After), and for casual to corporate to soft sports, like our “magic mama full-length”.

Pregnancy Tights

When To Buy Maternity Leggings?

Suitable throughout the pregnancy trimesters (And After), and for casual to corporate, to soft sports, like our “magic mama full-length”. Early –Mid second trimester, or as soon as you start to see your bump appear. Well- designed maternity leggings will see you through from start to end (and beyond!)

When Should You Get Professionally Fitted?

If you are experiencing pelvic or lower back pain, then its worth chatting to your health care provider about some well fitting support wear. Women’s health physios love and recommend our physio designed “In the Zone” leggings and Maternity Bras.  

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