A First Time Mother’s Guide To Buying Maternity Bottoms

Maternity Bottoms For Pregnancy

A First Time Mother’s Guide To Buying Maternity Bottoms

Being pregnant for the first (or any!) time is an incredibly exciting time in your life! Amongst the excitement are so many things to consider, and being comfortable is something you may overlook initially or take for granted, but will soon become probably #1 on your mind! Read on to find out how and when to buy maternity bottoms, without compromising on your aesthetic or your pocket!

Maternity Bottoms include Maternity Leggings, Support wear, and casual wear, such as our Harem pants or maternity jeans.

Maternity Bottoms

What Are Maternity Bottoms – and do I really NEED them?

Simply put, maternity bottoms comprise anything from maternity leggings, maternity jeans, joggers, support wear and more, designed to fit well to your burgeoning bump, and either provide coverage, support, or both, without cutting into your bump or feeling restrictive. You may get away with a belly tube or belly band, which will help you to maximise your pre-pregnancy wardrobe, but these aren’t that well suited for exercise as they will move as you move your body, so are best for work or less active pursuits.

When To Buy Maternity Bottoms

By the start of the 4th month, you will start to see your bump expanding, as the uterus now sits above the rim of the pelvis, and so is a good time to invest in some maternity leggings to support you through the pregnancy journey, as they SHOULD be designed to grow with you 🙂 Many mamas opt to buy a smaller pair as well as a pair one size larger to allow for extra room, but this is completely a personal choice 🙂

Maternity Bottoms Postnatal

Style and Versatility

No mama wants her maternity wear to “look maternity” – you want to maintain your usual style and feel confident, comfortable and beautiful throughout your pregnancy journey. This is why we have created a range that is elegant, timeless, seasonless, and wears well from pregnancy to post baby – such as our In the Zone, Magic Mama, and Harem Pants, taking you from active, to casual to street across our range 🙂

Maternity Bottoms you can wear from pregnancy to breastfeeding

We have surveyed our community, and we know you want quality gear, that you can wear from pregnancy to breastfeeding, and beyond. Versatility in how you can wear your bottoms, whether under or over bump, and pre or post baby is a great consideration, and can give you confidence you are investing in timeless pieces for the whole motherhood journey- this is EVERYTHING to us 🙂

How Do I know what size Maternity Bottoms to buy?

Generally Maternity clothing is designed to mirror usual sizing, so if you are usually an Australian size 12, you would be a 12 in Maternity clothing, or M-L, depending on the individual sizing rules. It is common to go up a size due to morning sickness and additional weight gain that is common and normal in early pregnancy, so this also needs to be taken into consideration. Maternity leggings such as our “Magic Mama” are designed to be super-high-rise so as to cover and support your bump throughout early to late pregnancy, and are enjoyed widely by mums well into breastfeeding and postpartum, as the high rise offers gentle support and coverage that is great for early postpartum and breastfeeding.  Well designed maternity leggings, like all of those in the Lenny Rose range, are also re-purposed as postpartum leggings by either wearing high rise for coverage, or rolling down as a high waist (above belly button) and firm support with the now doubled-over band. Winning!

Casual Maternity bottoms have a lot more of a relaxed fit, such as our Harem pants, and the versatility to be worn either high waisted (early pregnancy and postpartum) or low-rise under your bump.

To measure for maternity bottoms, you are best to get someone else to measure you at the widest part of your hips, around the greater trochanter and across the flat part of your bottom. (sizing video to come, insert here). Stand with your feet together, and ensure the tape is firm and flat across the circumference. 

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