The ultimate guide to buying maternity Tops for first time mothers

Maternity Nursing Tops

The ultimate guide to buying maternity Tops for first time mothers

What Are Maternity Tops

Maternity Tops are essentially a standard top in a maternity friendly cut, to fit and flatter your growing bump and amazing body! They range from tees to tanks, and maternity to post-baby friendly nursing sweaters and jumpers that double as maternity tops when well designed. 

How Do I know what size Maternity Tops to buy?

Generally Maternity clothing is designed to mirror usual sizing, so if you are usually an Australian size 12, you would be a 12 in Maternity clothing, or M-L, depending on the brand’s individual sizing rules. It is common to go up a size due to morning sickness and additional weight gain that is common and normal in early pregnancy, so this also needs to be taken into consideration. Maternity Tops such as our “Woman Tee” are a pregnancy friendly cut (longer length, cotton/ elastane blend for a great stretch- recovery to hold shape for post baby wearing) and can also be worn as a looser softer cut or fitted with a handy side tie to adapt to your changing body’s needs.

Nursing Tops

What To Look For In Maternity Tops 

It’s wise to choose maternity tops that are breastfeeding-friendly for when you make the transition from pregnancy to motherhood. Tanks with a low-cut arm hole for ease of nursing access minus the “mumsy” look, or tees and jumpers with invisible nursing access like “The Nursing Tee” and our “Incognito Sweater” are the perfect pregnancy-to-nursing staples you won’t go a day without wearing. 

Rosie Dumbrell, founder of Lenny Rose Active and mum of 3, says “I remember vividly breastfeeding my second son Raffie, it was the middle of summer and i didnt have any maternity tops or tanks, and i was constantly pulling my top up and feeling very exposed and uncomfortable, and i knew there had to be a better way – nursing friendly tees, tops, sweaters and tanks that i could nurse in, without feeling exposed or uncomfortable, but also not compromising on style.”


We are all about transferability across pregnancy to postpartum, and wearing from active to street, from pilates to the park, or donning a blazer and boots for a comfortable winter pregnancy style. Choose staple items that you can wear across your day, with breathable, stretch material such as cotton-elastane, and which melds seamlessly with your active-street wardrobe.

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Suitable Throughout The Pregnancy Trimesters (And After)

When you think “maternity” you likely think “something I will wear for a few months.” BUT, well-designed, seasonless and classic styles of maternity wear can carry you through early to late pregnancy and well into breastfeeding and beyond, and doesn’t necessarily “look” maternity, blending seamlessly with your active to casual wear like our “Relaxed Nursing Tank” or “The Nursing Tee.

When To Buy Maternity Tops

By the start of the 4th month, you will start to see your bump expanding, as the uterus now sits above the rim of the pelvis, and so is a good time to invest in some maternity tops to transition with you through the journey – as they SHOULD be designed to grow with you 🙂 

Being able to comfortably exercise as well as go about your daily work and mum life with supportive leggings  will make a huge difference in your pregnancy. Shop online for our physiotherapist and mum- designed range of active and support tops, leggings, bras, casual wear and more 🙂

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