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Maternity Clothes: 9 Must-Haves for 9 Months of Pregnancy

Maternity Clothes: 9 Must-Haves for 9 Months of Pregnancy

As our bodies rapidly grow and change during our prenatal period, so too do our needs for comfortable clothes during pregnancy that support our health and celebrate our beautiful bodies. But it can be hard to navigate which maternity clothes to buy and avoid to ensure the safety and comfort for yourself and your unborn bub.

As your body begins to change on a daily basis, comfort is key! Wearing the right clothes during pregnancy is a necessity in keeping you comfortable as you go through this beautiful journey of transformation. So, what should you wear during your pregnancy? This article should help you get your maternity wardrobe in place. 

1. Clothing Made Out Of Natural Fibres

Natural fibres are breathable and non-constricting. Going through nine months of pregnancy means you’ll be going through different seasons as well. Cotton and linen are your best friend during the hot summer days coupled with hormonal flushes as they allow easy airflow and have sweat-absorbing properties to keep you cool. During winters, use soft woollen tops to keep yourself warm.

2. Loose T-Shirts

Many mums consider loose t-shirts as maternity clothing essentials. These should leave lots of space for your bump area to remain unrestricted for your growing bub.

Maternity activewear tops for exercise should be airy, loose fitting and comfortable so you have a full range of motion, don’t overheat and avoid chafing. This is different to maternity bras which need to be well-fitted to give you the support you need and avoid chafing and mastitis.

The good thing about loose t-shirts is that you can wear them throughout your whole pregnancy without needing to update your closet to keep up with your beautiful changing body.

3. Comfortable Maternity/Nursing Bras

It’s not only your stomach that increases with pregnancy, your breast size does too. Breast size usually stabilises around the 5th month of pregnancy – this is the perfect time to purchase a maternity bra to ensure a good fit. Like other maternity activewear tops, find a supportive bra that can adapt to your growing body to avoid chafing when you sweat - especially for maternity or nursing sports bras. You can read more here about When to Buy a Maternity Nursing Bra.

Avoid push up and underwire bras as they can inhibit blood circulation and cause fluid retention. It’s best to choose nursing bras that provide both general and exercise support – you’ll get the best bang for your buck! Good thing is, Lenny Rose Active has got you covered with the Ultimate Nursing Bra - the first and only fully-adjustable and underwire-free maternity to nursing bra with targeted posture-support -  which is also your ideal nursing sports bra for your favourite high impact or low impact activity.

4. Everyday Comfy Leggings

Whether it’s WFH, lounging around your home, running errands, chasing toddlers, or going to a coffee/lunch date with your girlfriends, you can always rely on comfy maternity leggings. You can dress them up and down depending on your mood. One of the greatest decisions you’ll make in pregnancy is investing in a quality pair of maternity leggings. There’s no rule that says you can’t wear leggings every day (especially in our current #workingfromhome life)! “I sure did with my Eco Magic Maternity Leggings - they are peachy comfort leggings that I literally wore throughout my pregnancy and even post-bub - still wearing them daily, 6 months postpartum.” - Rosie

5. Supportive Leggings, Shorts, or Underwear

You’ll feel various kinds of discomforts when you’re growing a mini-me. Maternity compression clothing is definitely a must-have when you’re pregnant. It will help you with reducing muscle fatigue and decreasing swelling in the body - pretty much every pregnant woman’s dream! However, the level of support must be carefully taken into consideration because maternity clothing that is too tight and constricting might do more harm than good to you and your baby (read more about What Not to Wear When You’re Pregnant). No need to worry, Lenny Rose Active has got you covered with its wide range of support products - from leggings to shorts and bras, with careful anatomical design blending the perfect balance of support and space.

6. Adjustable Pants or Skirts

A thrifty option: choose pants and skirts that can be fastened with a drawstring. This way you can simply adjust the waist width to your needs as your bump expands, and then reduce again post baby - definitely a wonderful wardrobe staple!

7. Dresses and Skirts

Pregnancy is the moment when you have to pee, and then after you pee, you still have to pee. Your bub is literally using your bladder as the pillow! You’ll definitely find dresses and skirts extremely useful as they will make your life easier when you do frequent visits to the bathroom.

8. Comfortable Shoes

The footwear you choose to wear during your pregnancy is carrying two beautiful beings - you and your unborn bub. One of the common discomforts when pregnant are swollen feet, that’s why you need to find shoes that provide you comfort and support. And there are a lot of options to choose from that won’t cramp your style! (read here to know more about tips on how to reduce swelling in your feet during pregnancy)

9. Pregnancy Activewear

Moving your body every day in some way during pregnancy is crucial to your physical and mental health. It makes you feel your best now and later on, post-baby, too. You can read here about Why Exercise During Pregnancy Is So Important. So, if you were to ask, ‘Is pregnancy activewear worth the investment?’, the answer is ABSOLUTELY! We may be a little biased here in dropping this but, Lenny Rose Active is one of Australia’s best maternity activewear. At Lenny Rose, we’ve harnessed the power of modern technology and science to create designer maternity clothes that will support and complement your changing body pre and postpartum + provide you functionality as you engage with your daily activities and favourite exercises.

The right fabric and design can make all the difference to having a comfortable and supported pregnancy. Wearing the right clothing will not only make you feel stylish, but confident in your ability to breeze through pregnancy and your motherhood ahead by making the right informed decisions to help you feel your best.

So, remember if you want a comfortable pregnancy for you and your bub choose:

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