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Top Tips to Ease Morning Sickness & Nausea-Reducing Smoothie Recipes

Top Tips to Ease Morning Sickness & Nausea-Reducing Smoothie Recipes

When you are in the throes of early pregnancy, feeling extremely unwell 24/7 (who called it “morning” sickness anyway???!!!), one of your top googled questions is most certainly going to be ‘how can I ease pregnancy morning sickness?’ - and for that, we have your back!

For most women, the end of the first trimester brings some welcome relief, but for others, the nausea and vomiting of pregnancy can persist into the second and sometimes third trimester.

Here, Lenny Rose founder, physiotherapist and mum-of-4, Rosie Dumbrell, shares her top tips to ease morning sickness during pregnancy, as well as her nausea-reducing smoothie recipes.

#1 Move your body

Yes! In the normal, uncomplicated pregnancy, where morning sickness is almost a rite of passage (we’re not talking ladies with extreme conditions here, like HG - please do speak with your healthcare provider), then gentle movement can be a great way to reduce, and often even stave off, morning sickness. (you can read whether exercise helps with morning sickness here) 

#2 Choose small but frequent meals

Hunger and fatigue can increase the symptoms of morning sickness, so most experts recommend grazing lightly with 5-6 smaller meals throughout the day- as eating too much can also trigger worsening symptoms. This enables your body to digest your meals with greater ease and will also help with evening out your blood sugar levels - another key to avoiding both that hangry feeling AND a flare up of your morning sickness. 

#3 Avoid spicy, fatty, and fried food

These kinds of food are notorious for exacerbating morning sickness symptoms, and are harder to digest than simpler and plain food. So hold the Indian take-away off until you are after that pre-labour curry!

#4 Avoid eating a large meal before laying down or bed time 

This is especially important in early and late pregnancy. Progesterone is an amazing hormone of pregnancy, but it can really slow down our intestinal motility, which can lead to increased morning sickness and constipation symptoms. If you can, eat earlier in the evening, and go for a short walk to aid digestion. Later in pregnancy, you may find it helpful to chock yourself up with pillows so as to avoid flat lying, where acid reflux symptoms will be worse.

#5 Stay hydrated

Being dehydrated can compound the symptoms of morning sickness - which is going to be worse if you have been vomiting a lot. So, take small sips of water regularly throughout the day, and opt for electrolyte replacement drinks that aren’t sugar laden - such as coconut water and Hydralyte or Nuun tablets. You can also go for homemade smoothies that can definitely go a long way to quell the queasy. Here are some of my top 3 super quick and nutrient dense smoothie recipes you can add to your daily routine to help keep the nausea at bay!


Ginger is touted as a great morning sickness aid which can be consumed as a tea - freshly cut ginger and steeped in hot water as an oral supplement or added to the food you consume. Fruits that are high in vitamin C, like pineapple, have a nausea-relieving effect.


Ingredients like bananas, oats, and fresh fruits are easy to digest. Cardamom is another natural spice that is commonly prescribed to aid an unsettled tum!


It’s bothersome and tiring to feel so queasy all day and we hope these tips will help you to relieve morning sickness. Pregnancy comes with its share of discomfort. It’s normal to experience nausea since your hormones are in overdrive to help you grow and develop a healthy baby. However, it’s important to always listen to your body. When unusual symptoms arise and are severely impacting your daily life, even after doing all the tips above, don’t ignore them and talk to your healthcare provider. Some of the signs you should watch out for are difficulty in urinating, abdominal plain, blood in vomit, weight loss, and fever.

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