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When should I buy a maternity or nursing bra? This is a common question for first-time expecting mamas. 

Approximately 75% of women don’t know their correct bra size and this can be even more confusing when you add in pregnancy and breastfeeding. Early on your pregnancy journey, your hormones will definitely double down on production as you grow your bub to life earthside. You’ll likely be experiencing changes in your breasts such as extreme sensitivity, tenderness, and size increase which would mean you’re ready for a more comfortable and supportive bra. We recommend getting yourself fitted for a maternity bra at the beginning - middle of the second trimester. This is the perfect time to measure the right bra size for you as your breast size will have somewhat stabilized by then.

When should I get fitted for a maternity bra?

A woman’s cup size will expand on an average anywhere up to 3-4 sizes throughout pregnancy, and her frame (ribcage area) by up to 10cm by the end of pregnancy to accommodate her growing baby. Usually your bust size will settle by the 4th-5th month. So, during this period, you can look to invest in your maternity and nursing bras to fit you for the remainder of pregnancy and into motherhood. In other words, from this point onwards, a maternity bra is a must for your bust! You can watch our reference videos on how to measure your bust or schedule a personal video fitting session with our fit expert, Anna, to ensure you get the perfect fit the first time.

Meet Anna 

“As the head of product design and development at Lenny Rose Active my mission is to ensure all our products meet our high standards of quality, function, fit and aesthetics. Having designed technical sports bras for many years, I know that getting the correct fit for personal needs is paramount to feeling comfortable and confident, especially so during a time where the body undergoes incredible changes and transformations.

I put a lot of love into creating products that I hope help women dance through their pregnancy and beyond. To ensure that each customer gets the perfect fit I would love the opportunity to connect with you, to hear your personal needs and help you get the fit you need. I encourage you to reach out to me if you have any questions at all regarding our products or fit.”

What to expect on a zoom fit/chat?
  • Open conversation on our product and what might work best for you.
  • The chance for me to help you measure yourself accurately to get the size and fit that will serve you best. For this, please bring a tape measure to the zoom meeting. 
  • Absolutely no pressure or commitments to purchase anything.

To really give you a lot of bang for your buck, ensure that you invest in a bra that has adjustability in the frame (waistband) that ideally spans 2 back sizes and 2 cup sizes. The Lenny Rose Active Ultimate Nursing Bra cleverly does this by having adjustable nursing panels – you can clip higher for a firmer fit when your bust size reduces or clip lower to provide low-impact support for a fuller bust. You can use this amazing piece all throughout your pregnancy and post-bub for breastfeeding with its easy access feature, and also an ideal maternity activewear to provide you the right support, minus the underwire, as recommended by the Australian Breastfeeding Association. At Lenny Rose Active, we have deliberately designed our nursing sports bras to be versatile and functional without sacrificing style.



You can read more here to help you get the right bra with a perfect fit: A First Time Mother's Guide to Picking the Right Maternity Nursing Bra and 4 Benefits of Wearing a Maternity Nursing Bra.

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