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5 Easy Diet Guidelines for Gestational Diabetes

5 Easy Diet Guidelines for Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes mellitus is high blood sugar that starts during pregnancy. Modifying your diet can help in keeping your blood sugar level normal. We have asked Steph Lowe, LCHF Nutritionist since 2011 from for some easy dietary recommendations to help manage blood sugar better in pregnancy.


1 Add in some protein

Typical mums on the go would have gluten free fruit toast with butter for breakfast, which is pretty low in protein. Add some proteins like nuts, seeds or nut butters to your smoothies that are usually composed of carbohydrates from fruits like berries and bananas. Examples include adding a tablespoon of almond butter and a tablespoon of chia seeds. You may even add a plant based protein powder on your smoothie to make sure the protein is present. 


2 Eggs are the perfect combination of protein and fat

Eggs are perfect fertile food. You can try making an omelet with some veggies, avocado and a piece of sourdough. If you’re looking for plant based alternatives, then that could be last night’s leftovers that contain lentils, legumes, tofu or about 100g of tempeh.


3 Four cups of vegetable and spread throughout 3 meals

Most people get the bulk of their vegetable intake at dinner. When it comes to portioning, a half plate of vegetables are recommended with a small portion of protein and healthy fat.

You can also stick to having 4 cups of vegetables a day which you can work out by spreading them across your 3 main meals. One cup in a smoothie, one cup in your omelet and two cups of roasted vegetables at night would be a really basic example that’s also easy to achieve.


4 Tweaking your carb portions

Two cups of pasta with tomato sauce on top is best avoided. Instead, try turning the plate portions upside down. Have a small portion of pasta (half to one cup), then look at how you can get more vegetables and more protein in the mix. This time the carbs are not the main feature.


5 Two snacks a day and eating every 3 hours 

There’s a greater chance of maintaining a stable blood sugar when you eat frequently. Waiting until you’re hungry can make you eat the wrong types of food that easily spike your blood sugar level. That’s what we’re trying to avoid.

One good tip is to have smoothies as your snack substitutes so that you can still get your nutrients without being overly full.

We definitely need more carbohydrates during pregnancy, and I recommend you get them from whole foods. But most often, we eat too many carbs that we’re simply too low in protein and fat. These 5 diet guidelines can help you tweak your meal plan in order to make you healthier. Remember that these subtle changes can make a big difference in how you can manage your blood sugar during pregnancy.


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