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The Lenny Rose Difference: Maternity Activewear Comparison

The Lenny Rose Difference: Maternity Activewear Comparison

We have compared the leading maternity brands against Lenny Rose, so you can understand the Lenny Rose difference. Lenny Rose was created by a 2.5x mum and physiotherapist who understands the female body and pregnancy needs - from both, motherhood and health & fitness perspective. We know you want to look great, feel great, and feel like yourself during pregnancy and motherhood. We know you want quality, versatile items that will stand the test of time, as well as morph with you from pregnancy to motherhood - with ultimate functionality. Below is a list of local and global maternity activewear brands, to help make your choice an informed and easy one ;)

Cake Maternity vs Lenny Rose Active Difference

Cake Maternity vs Lenny Rose Active

These ladies do maternity bras really well. They have a great size range and offering, but lack in the style department when it comes to active bras. We want modern, sexy and to move away from fluorescents!  


The Ten Active vs Lenny Rose Active

We love this boutique maternity brand, with a luxe look and feel, and in line with our own mission to make maternity sexy, sleek, and comfortable. Support wise though there isn’t a lot on offer, and the maternity tanks don’t appear to transfer to nursing (like our Loosely Mama Tank and Lenny Rose Racer, all designed for easy breastfeeding access and to fit and flatter for the whole journey).


Abi & Joseph vs Lenny Rose Active

Similar to a lot of the brands mentioned, these guys have done the basics well, but again, the thinking is quite linear: Maternity only - so you are spending on something that you will wear a short time and then shelve. We love the look and how well they have done the classics & basics but we think the industry needs to start to do better.


Cotton On Maternity vs Lenny Rose Active

This is your go-to for stylish, cheap maternity wear that looks more luxe than it costs. We think they’ve covered the basics well, but again you are buying gear that lasts a short period, isn’t fabulous quality and won’t translate well to your nursing days.


Lorna Jane vs Lenny Rose Active

Lorna Jane has a strong brand and following, built over many years. In our experience, they have great gear, but general feedback on maternity is that its low quality and wears and peels quite quickly. This may suit fine for many, but we are working to reduce the high-churn nature of maternity and provide only the highest quality, adaptable pieces that will become wardrobe staples and favourites. They have got the simple basics covered, at a lower cost, but lack in technical features and quality.  


SRC vs Lenny Rose Active

This technical range has all the medical attributes, minus the looks. SRC is a big player in the maternity support wear sector, especially in the postpartum and their “recovery” range. Designed for pain minimisation and support, they are on the dearer end of the cost spectrum, and very linear in their use – for support, but not (in our opinion) as outerwear or everyday garments. The shorts are only appropriate as an undergarment rather than for general activewear. From personal experience, firm elastic at the top of the waistband also can be uncomfortably tight. Overall, a great support garment as undergarments, We wouldn’t wear them as a training short or active pants!


2XU vs Lenny Rose Active

2XU is a high-performance activewear brand; one of the biggest global brands in the compression arena. A trusted brand, however, built around performance for athletes, not a maternity specific or focused brand. Although they do offer a couple of maternity and postnatal options, we found the maternity tights not so aesthetically pleasing, definitely not squat proof (eek!), and do not have the adequate support for your bump.


XOThree vs Lenny Rose Active

XOThree is a Queensland-based brand run by 3 mums; selling lovely nursing activewear bras. These are gorgeous in design. However, if you want something that looks a little less “nursing” with better impact and postural support, we believe you can go one better. Their range isn’t cheap, but the quality makes up for this. They offer a small maternity range – just bras and a 3⁄4 capri tight.


BornFIT vs Lenny Rose Active

BornFIT only sells maternity tights, with a bland and unimpressive colour palette and design. On a positive note, they are reasonably priced. We haven’t personally tested this brand’s clothing so we can’t comment on the quality with any authority.


Active Truth vs Lenny Rose Active

Active Truth is another Queensland-based business with a great ethos; promoting body positive messaging (YES!). They specialise in a large range of sizes (XXS to XXXL); catering to women of all size. Their tights are great, in terms of general maternity tights, but this is as far as the range goes.


Cadenshae vs Lenny Rose Active

Cadenshae sells a range of activewear bras, nursing-friendly hoodies, and pregnancy tshirts. We think that they have a great concept and reasonably priced but lack a little bit of pizazz. The colour palette and designs are at times a little “mumsy’ and not quite stylish. We’d love to further road test the quality and last!

So, What's The Real Lenny Rose Difference?

After road testing (almost) everything on the market throughout 2 pregnancies and breastfeeding journeys and not being satisfied with 1) quality 2) aesthetic or 3) pregnancy-specific support, Lenny Rose Active was born. We are a maternity activewear brand, designed by a physiotherapist and mum. Our focus is on high-quality garments that will see you through pregnancy AND motherhood, blend seamlessly with your activewear and street wardrobe, as well as offer the utmost in practicality and support. We firmly believe that your fashion style doesn’t have to change to polka dots, fluorescents and florals (if it’s not already you) during pregnancy. We believe that mothers deserve elegance and glam as much as the next woman, if not more! Watch the video below.

Whilst we are definitely not on the cheaper end of the spectrum, you are better served to buy a few high-quality and versatile items with timeless elegance. This way, you can wear your maternity clothes well into motherhood rather than the usual short-lived wear of everything maternity. At the heart of Lenny Rose, we know that quality, fit, comfort and confidence are the key to your experience of pregnancy and beyond. You deserve to be celebrated, supported and truly seen, in this transformational and life-changing period of your life. You can check out the full Lenny Rose Active range here – or join our Instagram community @lennyroseactive for daily pregnancy and motherhood inspiration, education and more.

We've got your back, Mama!

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