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Episode - The "Why" Behind Lenny Rose Active

Episode - The "Why" Behind Lenny Rose Active - Lenny Rose

In this episode, Lenny Rose founder, 3x mum and physiotherapist is on the other end of the microphone, talking all things "why" behind starting the Lenny Rose Active label and her passion for making a difference to physical and mental wellbeing for women and mums throughout the motherhood journey.

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[00:00:00] Welcome to the Mama Matters podcast.  Whether you're expecting you've recently given birth, or just starting along your fertility journey, it's time to get down to the nitty gritty and sort fact from fiction. I'm your host, Rosie Dumbrell, physiotherapist and pregnancy expert. Mama Matters aims to provide an easily digestible, up to date and evidence based approach to pregnancy, birth and motherhood with a side dose of humour along the way. With interviews from the industry's leading experts and experience of my own adventures as a mother to three gorgeous boys under four, I want to share the stuff that helps to grow confidence throughout motherhood. Mama Matters is a podcast by Lenny Rose Active, and this is what you can expect to hear in upcoming episodes.


[00:00:41] I think my kids are definitely my biggest teacher and I've been practicing and teaching yoga for, I don't know, maybe like close to 10 years. But I think I've learnt more about myself and, you know, the practice of mindfulness and presence and patience and perhaps my lack of it in the last couple of years since having kids than I've learned in 10 years. So it's great. Welcome back. 


[00:01:07] Can't believe we're here (episode 4) already. I really hope that you're enjoying the content so far. If you are, please shout us out on our socials and use the #mamamatters. It really is my mission and the mission of this podcast to help to bring women in the motherhood years into well-being and confidence. And boy, don't we need that more than ever at the moment. So this episode is a little bit different. My good friend Nickie Hanley is hosting us and I'm on the other end of the line this time. So we delve into my mission and also what it's really like to have three boys under four and on a business as well as my favourite thing on the planet to talk about; moving well in pregnancy and motherhood for a healthy and happy pregnancy, birth and motherhood journey. Big hint: is not about getting your abs back.


[00:02:06] For those of you who don't know Rosie:  she's a physiotherapist, prenatal yoga teacher and pregnancy and postpartum fitness and wellness expert, as well as a mum to three gorgeous boys under four. She is the founder of Motherhood Activewear label, Lenny Rose Active. Tell us about why you started this podcast, your mission and your main projects at the moment. And also, if you can add in a little bit about your family and Lenny Rose Activewear?


[00:02:35] Awesome. Well, thanks, Nickie. My family and Lenny Rose are pretty much my main projects in life. So you have three little boys under four. The oldest actually just turned 4 about a week ago. So that keeps me pretty busy and also pretty grounded and yeah, brings a lot of joy. I think my kids are definitely my biggest teacher and I've been practicing and teaching yoga for, I don't know, maybe like close to 10 years, but I think I've learnt more about myself and, you know, the practice of mindfulness and presence and patience (and perhaps my lack of it at times!) in the last couple of years since having kids that I've learned in 10 years. So it's great teaching me lots about myself. And yes, so that sort of takes up most of my time where I can and when I can, I'm really, really passionate about women's health and particularly the journey from pregnancy, birth and into to motherhood. My personal mission, and what I aim to do through Lenny Rose is to really help to bring women in the motherhood period into confidence and wellness. And that's through creating beautiful products that encourage and assist and support women through movements in in the motherhood period from pregnancy through to postpartum. But it's a lot around education and educating women on how to look after themselves, how they can move well, and how being strong in body is very much akin to how we are in our mind.


[00:04:07] And I think that's so pertinent, particularly at the moment with everything that's going on in the world. And we will probably go into that in in a later question about why I'm so passionate about movement. But yeah, a lot of my M0 is around educating them on how to safely look after themselves. And this is so much information out there around pregnancy and postpartum exercise. And a lot of it is bogus. A lot of it is good, too. But, you know, we really need to come from a place of looking at what the research says. And I'm one of those kind of nerdy people that always doing a course. I remember when I was pregnant with Leo, my latest little bub,  sort of still upskilling and doing some more pregnancy and postpartum courses and getting up on my exercise bike in the morning and doing that and listening to my lectures. And I'm just so passionate about it. I read and do and educate about the pregnancy and postpartum stuff until the cows come home. And it's like that thing that I don't care if you don't get paid for it. It's just the thing that I could do forever without ever needing anything in return. I think when you find that thing, if you find that thing, you are so lucky. So yeah.

[00:05:22] So what is what is it really like running a small business with three kids under four? You know, it sounds like there's a lot going on in your world right now as it is. But when things are a little tougher than usual, what are your go to’s? Things that keep you feeling sane and grounded?


[00:05:43] Yeah, definitely. I have always kind of been that sort of mum that works and I've always had my own business whilst raising kids. And so be honest, I've always really enjoyed the balance of family life and working. And for me, I'm for that really motivated person that needs to be doing something, whether it's big or small, kind of outside of my family life.


[00:06:03] But I do really like kind of having the flexibility where I can work in my own time. But then also having your own business, I guess there's a lot of self-imposed pressure, though. That's one thing that I sort of need to keep on top of because I'm very, very driven and I'm very hard on myself. And so I've always really enjoyed that balance. And I think the biggest challenge sort of came pretty unexpectedly, actually, when I had Leo, my now 9 month old little bub, had a lot of sort of early challenges with him when he was born. I ended up in hospital quite sick with a pretty bad infection. And then I got better. And then he was only 2 weeks old and he ended up with meningitis and was in ICU and it was actually pretty touch and go and. Yeah. So sort of felt like we kind of started on the back foot. And I think I found it a little bit harder to sort of find that rhythm and that balance between family and work. And I'm sort of feel like I'm starting just to find my feet again now. It's just they're both very, very important parts to me. But I don't want to compromise that quality time and being present with my kids, and I also don't want to lose that part of myself that's very driven, so it's always a fine balance. 


[00:07:12] Do you set aside a certain amount of time a day to do your job or do you just do it when you feel like you have the time to do it?


[00:07:21] I try very hard to coordinate my kids nap times like now, for instance, let's put them all down and they will rest for about between 1 and 2 hours. And so I always try to do as much as I can in that time terms of work. But there's obviously a lot of household things to go along. Like I just cannot believe how much mess 3 very small humans make. But I'm just sort of learning to not try not to stress about that sort of stuff as much. It's just, you know, it can wait till the end of the day. But yeah. And then I do have 2 set work days a week where we have childcare. I have a nanny, a beautiful nanny that comes and helps with the boys. But I have found that quite challenging because I feel like it's so much for somebody to ask somebody to look after three kids. And so I quite often still have Leo with me or, you know, I've tried to coordinate her workdays with my older son Lenny's Kinder so that there's only two humans for her to mind. And yeah, it's very much flexible around what is happening with the kids. And, you know, my workdays might include maybe seven hours of childcare, but I might get three to four hours of work done, which is fine. And then I've just kind of learnt to work in the evenings and then negotiate with my husband on some time and the weekends if I need it.


[00:08:37] Yeah. But it's just finding that balance of not putting too much pressure on. And then, you know, you do have to look after your health as well. And for me, I have started a new routine recently of getting up probably an hour before I think the kids are going to get up, which does vary. But and I set aside some time to do journaling and meditation and a gratitude practice and some yoga. And I feel like that really sets up my day because I've reflected on how I'm feeling and then have a bit more of an understanding on how I might need to pivot things a little bit for the day to best manage my energy and best be present with the kids and just be really grateful for the amazing life that we have even in this current, COVID19 situation. You know, I'm still so, so blessed and so grateful for a beautiful family and that we're all healthy and that my husband and I are both able to work from home and have jobs. So, you know, we've got so much to be grateful for. And gratitude is a huge part of my mental health and my daily well-being practice. Yeah.


[00:09:38] Hundred percent. One of the main reasons for starting your brand, Lenny Rose Active was to inspire women to live healthier and more active pregnancies. So what do you think about being active during pregnancy and what are your tips there, for someone say who might not have as much knowledge as you about what they can and can't do?


[00:10:00] Yeah, definitely. So, you know, there is so much evidence and research to support staying active in pregnancy. And, you know, I'm talking, I guess, largely about the normal, uncomplicated pregnancy. And of course, it's always in consultation with your health care provider. But by and large, for the normal, uncomplicated pregnancy, being active is so, so important for so many reasons. And there is a lot of research to suggest that staying physically active and keeping up the minimum daily exercise recommendations which are written by the World Health Organization. And I think a lot of people would be quite surprised to know that a pregnant woman is advised to exercise for the same number of minutes per week as a person who is not pregnant at the same age bracket. And so the thing that changes is perhaps intensity. It's the type of exercise and perhaps some of the techniques and exercise. But the premises that we do stay, you know, as physically active as we're able. And that helps to stave off many things like back in pelvic pain, helps our mental health. We have a lot of research to suggest that staying active in pregnancy helps with reducing the risk of postpartum depression. So even though it's at a time in in the future, you're also more likely to be able to then maintain or upkeep a exercise program when your little bub comes along. I think having those sort of ingrained habits make it easier to continue when life suddenly gets a whole lot busier. And, you are used to prioritizing that time for yourself.


[00:11:32] Do you think that it will give you more stamina for when you do have the children running around and doing all of the things that they naturally want to do as they start to grow? Do you think having that as a baseline will help you with energy and motivation?


[00:11:48] Absolutely. But I mean, everything in balance, right? I think. But if someone who is used to being physically active, then it's going to be a whole lot easier when we start chasing toddlers around. But, you know, I think one of the most interesting, and another one of the reasons that I'm so passionate about educating women on the how and the correct delivery of exercise in in pregnancy and motivating them to stay active is because we have a lot of research to suggest that, you know, if we are active, we tend to have a better relationship with our body and we are more confident in our body. And that has a direct relationship to self-image and that has a direct relationship to our confidence to birth a baby. And that is huge. You know that especially right now when we are amidst this really freaking scary time where women's support network during birth is less, we need every little tool in the trick book. And whether that's, you know, staying active and, you know, working on your strength and endurance in your leg muscles or, you know, going to a an online hypnobirthing course and really preparing your mind for how to kind of go with the flow and surrender into the crappiness of the current situation. But do it in a way that, you know, you still really connected to your body and confident that it can do the job. And, yeah, it's very important goal and it very much comes back to mental health and self image and confidence. And so my kind of M.O. around exercise has very much come full circle from, you know, in my teens being very driven around performance and aesthetics, to now, not having no regard for that, but being, you know, very much now centered around having faith, confidence, trust and a really beautiful relationship with our bodies.


[00:13:35] So given many of the self isolating at the moment, what tips do you have? Just really quickly about staying active during this time at home? And do you have any other resources that you can share with?


[00:13:47] Yeah, definitely. You can actually go back to episode one of the podcast. I had a really good chat with a beautiful obstetrician, Dr. Guy Skinner, and I was pleasantly surprised that he was still recommending that women get out and go for a walk. Obviously, we know that walking is one way that we can be safely active in pregnancy. Now, that may not be appropriate for everybody. Obviously, if you're unwell, if you live in a kind of very densely populated area and it's too tricky for you to maintain your social distancing or even the thought of going outside might provoke a lot of anxiety for a pregnant woman. I could imagine. And so if that's you, then you can do some laps up and down the hallways, set a timer. You could get up and down the stairs if you live in an apartment block. You could get out and around the backyard. And, you know, it might even just be simple as putting some music on and having a little bit of a dance. But definitely whatever you can to get some exercise in every day. And you know, that recommendation is sixty up to 60 minutes of low to moderate intensity exercise a day. So for me at the moment, I'll do at least 30 minutes of yoga in the morning.


[00:14:52] So much kind of online happening at the moment with yoga routines and things like that. And we have a heap of just really short pregnancy specific ones that you can follow on our Instagram TV. Lenny Rose active. And also Lenny Rose on YouTube. We also have quite a lot of pregnancy safe, home based workouts that require minimal equipment. So those kind of things are right, but it doesn't even need to be that structured. Currently I am spending a lot of time playing Tiggy with the kids outside jumping on the trampoline, which is fine for me because I'm not pregnant and don't have pelvic floor issues. But that might not be appropriate for pregnancy or it isn't appropriate for pregnancy. But yeah, I think it's just, you know, tapping into trusted resources like this. So many physios that are doing pregnancy online programs. And yes, certainly we've got so many free resources available on the Lenny Rose Active website. There's a couple of free e-books, one on pregnancy exercise, one on postpartum exercise written by me. And yeah, collating the latest up to date research based information. So check those out and yeah, hopefully that's helpful.


[00:15:56] So great to get to know you a little bit more and understand your why behind everything you do. Rosie, you're a powerhouse of knowledge for all things pregnancy, birth and motherhood. So we would love to for all of you out there to write in and let us know what you would like to hear about next. Also, hear her birth stories on the amazing Australian Birth Stories podcast, which is a fantastic resource for expecting moms. So thanks, Rosie, so much for all of your beautiful insight and sharing what is really your passion and what you are passionate about. Everyone stay safe out there.


[00:16:32] And thanks for having us.


[00:16:34] Thanks, Nickie. Thanks for having me on. It's strange, but. Oh, good. Thanks.


[00:16:47] Thanks so much for joining, guys. I hope you enjoy just a little bit of insight around my background and the mission behind Lenny Rose and behind the Mama Matters podcast. I'm looking forward to delving a little further into my knowledge around pregnancy, fitness, wellness, yoga and all of the above. Plus more in upcoming episodes where I will do a specific one around exercise in pregnancy and sort of debunking a lot of the myths and how we can really help to workout and stay physically and mentally fit and active in a way that is both safe and effective for our bodies and our babies. So can't wait to share that with you. And please stay well, stay home. And if you're enjoying the episodes, please shout us out on social media by using the hashtag #mamamatters. In our next episode, we interview Rosie Fitzclarence of Geelong Born; she is a midwife and hypnobirthing practitioner. And I really cannot wait to share this interview with you because there are so many little nuggets of gold around how we can better support ourselves throughout pregnancy and birth in such a stressful time and the tools and philosophies of hypnobirthing really are just so powerful and helping us to really realize our own power as a woman, and to help really get our partners involved, which, you know, we perhaps need to do more than ever, given the current antenatal care situation in COVID19. So I really can't wait to share that with you. Stay tuned and please stay well. We'll be chatting shortly.


[00:18:27] This episode is brought to you by Lenny Rose Active - Australian owned,  three times mum and physiotherapist, designed Luxe active and technical wear for the pregnancy to motherhood journey. You can find us at:

lennyroseactive.com.au or @lennyroseactive

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